Leaning Forward

How to sell without selling (interview with Peter Beckenham)

July 02, 2021 Andrew Thorp Season 1 Episode 20
Leaning Forward
How to sell without selling (interview with Peter Beckenham)
Show Notes

Peter Beckenham exudes positive energy and no doubt employed that trait when he successfully sold ideas (and insurance products) without appearing to sell anything!

In this interview, Peter shares his fascinating personal story as well as some tips and techniques around conversational selling. A strong advocate of the storytelling approach, he talks about having "no competition" when you tell a good story about yourself and whatever you're there to promote.

Peter explains how his father doubted his son's career choice, and later had a change of heart - just one of several nuggets in this two-way exchange.

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Show is hosted by Andrew Thorp, AKA 'The Multi-Story Man'.
Andrew is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of verbal communication and storytelling in the business world.

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