Leaning Forward

Is this the perfect short talk?

March 09, 2021 Andrew Thorp Season 1 Episode 10
Leaning Forward
Is this the perfect short talk?
Show Notes

It's a bit silly to suggest ANY presentation is 'perfect' but there's certainly a lot to learn from this short talk by Karl Southern.

There's a link HERE to a document showing some images from the talk, to help you follow the flow.

He gave this six-and-a-half minute presentation at a communication skills workshop in Manchester (UK) called 'Speakeasy'. Organised and hosted by Andrew, the idea was to test-drive some material on an audience and invite some suggestions for improvement, but things didn't go to plan. It was SO GOOD the audience struggled to find fault!
 That's why Andrew decided to analyse what Karl did that day, and share his thoughts with you in this episode.

It's also on YouTube and there’s a link HERE and these are the SLIDES used by Karl Southern that day.

Show is hosted by Andrew Thorp, AKA 'The Multi-Story Man'.
Andrew is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of verbal communication and storytelling in the business world.

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