Leaning Forward

What should I say if I want to be funny?

February 27, 2021 Andrew Thorp Season 1 Episode 8
Leaning Forward
What should I say if I want to be funny?
Show Notes

Humour is a subjective matter but there are some things that have wide appeal when it comes to raising a smile in your audience. This episode explores what those might be, material in the everyday world that has comedic potential and could be used in a business-related or workplace situation.

With references to Monty Python and talk show guests like Tom Hanks and Salma Hayek, Andrew suggests 6 categories of material which could help you spot comedy gold in your day-to-day life.

05.08 - Funny story about Gordon Brown, ex-PM
07.50 - Miscommunication
10.40 - Mismatches
12.22 - Stereotypes
16.05 - Subversion and Misdirection
18.32 - Poking fun
23.49 - The absurd

Video clips referenced:
Two Ronnies 4 Candles
Peter McGraw TED talk
Morecambe & Wise (serious guests)
Andrew Tarvin TED talk – the skill of humour
Monty Python Life of Brian (Latin grammar)
Salma Hayek on Graham Norton
Hanks, Walliams, Capaldi on Graham Norton
Ernesto Sirolli TED talk
Sir Ken Robinson TED talk
Brene Brown TED talk

Show is hosted by Andrew Thorp, AKA 'The Multi-Story Man'.
Andrew is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of verbal communication and storytelling in the business world.

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