Leaning Forward

I don't have any stories (actually you do!)

February 17, 2021 Andrew Thorp Season 1 Episode 6
Leaning Forward
I don't have any stories (actually you do!)
Show Notes

Stories are a wonderful way to create a connection with your audience, but many people say, "That's all very well but I don't have any!" In this episode, Andrew pushes back against this notion and suggests that stories are everywhere - but we need the eyes to see them. He provides some great examples which may help you find inspiration in the world around you.

Check out Andrew's TEDx talk from 2016 entitled, "You may be more interesting than you think you are".

Show is hosted by Andrew Thorp, AKA 'The Multi-Story Man'.
Andrew is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of verbal communication and storytelling in the business world.

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